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Pima County Bar Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Service of the Pima County Bar AssociationWhen you need a lawyer, we can help.Call (520) 623-4625

LRS Testimonials

REAL Comments by REAL LRS Clients

  • "Very helpful, compassionate, empathetic, and professional.  Can't fix what's not broken!  So nice, so easy, and you guys are above and beyond what I expected."  -- Clinton (Family Law client)

  • "I give you a 10+.  Doing an awesome job and really helping me so much.  Wonderful and helpful.  You guys helped me so much!  If it weren't for you sending me to my attorney, I don't know what I would've done.  Thank you a million times over!" -- John (Business Law client)

  • "I give you a 10+.  Really fantastic!  I could say 100 things that are great about him.  You guys are so nice and provide a truly wonderful service.  Life-saver!" -- Misti (Criminal Law client)

  • "He was really great and incredible.  I never thought a lawyer could be like that, so nice and helpful.    He really wanted to help!  Your service really saved our lives!   Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"    -- Teresa (Family Law client)

  • "Was excellent, very personable, took a genuine interest in me, and didn't feel pressured to retain her, which was good.  Great service, definitely telling my friends about you!" -- Debra (Neglience & Personal Injury Law client)

  • "Empathetic, so kind, so helpful, and very, very knowledgeable.  Thank you, thank you .... you saved me."  -- Mary (Probate law client)

  • "Exceeded my expectations, really tremendously helpful, and gave me insight I hadn't thought of.  Excellent service."  -- Patrick (Malpractice Law client)

  • "Everything was great.  I'm really happy with everything."  -- Richard (Business Law client)

  • "Very helpful, very nice, very professional and a good listener (something I wasn't expecting)."  -- Lisa (Real Estate Law client)

  • "Answered all my questions, really helpful to me, professional, and he was patient with all my questions.  Very nice guy.  It was pretty easy too.  Thanks!"  -- Raymond (Criminal Law client)

  • "Very sharp, pleasant, considerate, and patient.  Couldn't be more satisfied with her.  Absolutely wonderful service!"  -- Joan (Business Law client)

  • "Made us feel relieved and was very good.  Completely satisfied and great to know you're there."  -- Bonnie (Criminal Law client)

  • "Great lawyer!  Phenomenal!  Great people person!  Couldn't have put us with a better lawyer.  It's hard to improve perfection."  -- Mike (Malpractice Law client)

  • "I think you guys have a good system.  I'm glad it's offered to the public."  -- Karen (Family Law client)

  • "Very respectful, listened to me really well, and explained things so that I understood.  Wasn't expecting such a good service!  Really wonderful!"  -- Janice (Malpractice Law client)

  • "Answered all my questions and gave me great advice.  Excellent experience.  Everything worked like it was suppose to.  Thank you!"  -- Charles (Business Law client)

  • "Excellent attorney.  You guys did really well and you guys are very informative."  -- Jill (Family Law client)

  • "I give a 10++.  Wonderful.  He was very personable and gave me some insight about what to do.  I was so satisfied with every bit of this!  I don't know how you could improve on something so good."  -- William (Business Law client)

  • "I give an 11.  She related to me right away.  A do-er, not a talker!  Great!!  Just keep on doing what you're doing."  -- Veronica (Family Law client)
  • "He's a doll!  Very awesome and very professional.  You guys referred me to the right attorney and asked the right questions.  Whatever you're doing, it's working."  -- Diana (Criminal Law client)
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